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malaysia holiday deals

Malaysia Holidays -

Top Diving


The peninsula of Malaysia is an assortment of Malay, Indian and Chinese cultural flavors. All Malaysia holiday packages are laden with fabulous experiences including walks on silvery beaches, delectable cuisines, swanky restaurants and eye-catching shopping avenues. The country is worth visiting for its remarkable religious existence, cultural wealth and legendary heritage.



Just two hour's drive from Kuala Lumpur, Deerland is the mesmerizing place where animals roam around freely. A visit to the Deerland will not only be adventurous but you will also get to satiate your hunger for knowledge and information. With a guided tour around the Deerland, you will get acquainted with the names of the various medicinal plants which are hidden all around the jungle. Just by including a tour of this eco-friendly place in your Malaysia tour package, you can get close to nature and discover a completely unexplored world.


The adventure seeking people will never forget this experience! If you are looking for an adventure filled and challenging Malaysian holiday, always search for the Malaysia vacation packages which includes a trip to the Deerland. Swinging across the river with the help of tightly knotted ropes will provide the excitement you have been eagerly looking forward to.



One of the oldest British Settlement in Malaysia, Georgetown is situated in the Southwest Coast of Malaysia Peninsula's, at the heart of the Panang Island. It is enriched with old Chinese culture and traditions and its beauty and charm will transport you half a century back. Make sure that your malaysia holiday deals definitely include a trip to Georgetown. You would never want to miss the Chinese houses, enchanting temples, vegetable markets, interesting local ceremonies and many more activities. After the completion of your Malaysia Tour package, you would preserve each and every memory in your heart forever and place them at a revered position to remember for years to come.


Malaysia, Truly Asia, as it is known world over, is one of the most exciting travel destinations in the world where one can enjoy his vacations with family and friends and come back home with cherished memories. Renowned tourism destination in South East Asia is a progressive country and visited by scores of people from all corners of the world. Home to numerous exciting tourist spots and attractions, this country never fails to charm even the most discerned visitors. Have fascinating experiences by availing holiday packages in malaysia holiday. Numerous options are available on the internet and can be explored from the privacy and comfort of your home or office.


Malaysia is one of the most pleasant, hassle-free countries to visit in Southeast Asia. Malaysia is divided into two major regions: Peninsular Malaysia, which lies just south of Thailand, and East Holiday packages in Malaysia include a visit to the historical delights and various other natural hot-spots including Taman Negara National Park, Mount Kinabalu, Cameroon Highlands and some more alluring attractions that are worth exploring. Penang is also worth visiting and is visited by tourists throughout the year as it is a fusion of the east and the west and the heritage monuments. You can get the opportunity to see wonderful attractions such as Penang Bridge, Islands, Clan Temples and Chinese Temples here. In fact, even the travel desk available within your premises can also make the necessary arrangements for the same. Check out the different packages available and compare the tariffs before zeroing in on anyone. You can also avail the services of a reputed travel agent for the same.


Make sure that your malaysia holiday deals definitely include a trip to Georgetown. Have fascinating experiences by availing holiday packages in malaysia holiday.

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cheap flights to malaysia

Penang -

A Famed

Tourist Destination

in Malaysia

Silicon Valley of Malaysia - Penang is the most popular island resorts which portrays the mesmerizing fusion of the east and west. The island boasts fascinating cultural heritage, delectable cuisines, sun soaked beaches, dramatic architecture and a remarkable old city enclave. Abundance of fun-ingredients makes holiday to Penang a rejuvenating and an unforgettable affair!! Here is the list of attractions that makes Penang, a famed tourist destination and allures millions to grab cheap tickets to Malaysia.


Penang Hill

The picturesque Penang Hill stands 821-metres above Penang's capital and is one of the oldest hill resorts in Malaysia. It comprises Western Hill, Bukit Laksamana, Tiger Hill, Flagstaff Hill and Government Hill. Owing to pleasant climate the place is an ideal spot for escaping the heat and humidity of the coastal Georgetown. The experience of taking a unique sojourn on Penang Hill funicular railway is sure to make for indelible memories of holidays here. Stay in colonial-mansions-turned-hotels and take pleasure in the serene ambiance of the hill. Apart from this, visitors can also wander around the souvenir stalls and explore the mosque and Hindu temple of the hill.


Kek Lok Si Temple

Kek Lok Si is the largest Buddhist temple in Malaysia which stands on a hilltop at Air Itam, near Penang Hill. The majestic temple houses the landscaped gardens, the pagoda and the four heavenly king's pavilions. Visitors can explore the supreme statue of the four heavenly kings and "The Liberation Pond" (Sacred Turtle Pond). The striking Pagoda of Rama VI that portrays the collection of Alabaster and Bronze Buddha, and the Chinese octagonal base with middle tiers of the Thai architecture are among the major attractions of the temple. Today, the temple is one of the top tourist attractions and lures thousands of spiritually inclined travellers to book cheap tickets to Penang.


Penang War Museum

Penang War Museum is a preserved citadel, constructed to protect the island from foreign invasions during the battle against Japanese army. The site is located at the southern coast of Penang and is reckoned as the best known fortress built by the British. War Museum offers intriguing facts about the past of the country which is why travellers having penchant for history hunt for inexpensive tickets to Penang. Major highlights of the museum comprise historical artefacts like cannons, underground military tunnels and ammunition bunkers located nine metres underground.


Penang Tropical Spice Garden

Penang Tropical Spice Garden is the finest place to experience the wealth of flora and fauna in cheap flights to malaysia. The eight-acre nature conservation complex features the three garden trails - the Spice Trail, the Ornamental Trail and the Jungle Trail. Each trail offers visitors 20 to 45 minutes of enthralling walk that features stunning jungle flora including tropical spices and herbs, wild orchids and palms apart from waterfalls and giant swings.


Making international phone calls is an indispensable part of any business. Not only for the businesses, but also for the personal communication, making International calls is necessary. As everyone out there will be well aware, International calls to any location doesn't come cheap. Things aren't much different in the case of making International calls to Malaysia. Through all these years, flights to malaysia has become one of the largest employment opportunity providers of this planet. Hence it is obvious that thousands of people from all around the world will be working in this country. These people's family and friends need to communicate with them and the only effective means available is making the telephone calls. Unfortunately, due to the high pricing of the international calls, many people cut short their conversations. Well they needn't worry anymore. There are certainly a few options available for making cheap calls to Malaysia. Keep on reading to explore the best options to make cheap calls to Malaysia.

Penang Tropical Spice Garden is the finest place to experience the wealth of flora and fauna in cheap flights to malaysia. Through all these years, flights to malaysia has become one of the largest employment opportunity providers of this planet.

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malaysia accommodation deals



Oriental Hotel,

Penang, Malaysia

Have you ever been to a hotel that reminds you of one straight out of the movies? I am not talking about one like the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel nor one like the Regent Beverly Wilshire; both of which was featured in one of my all time favourite movie - Pretty Woman, starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. My question is: why look that far, when we have one right here - in the Pearl of the Orient.


If you are a fan of Raffles Hotel, Singapore, you would also love the Eastern & Oriental Hotel in Penang, which is, the main highlight of my blog post today. The Eastern & Oriental Hotel was established in 1855 by the Sarkies Brothers. This colonial-style hotel in Penang, is a sea-fronting hotel and is known for its luxurious accommodation and restaurants.


Malaysia truly can be considered a country full of rich culture and tradition. Possessing all features of Asian people and life, the country has everything to see for tourists. Malaysia tourism includes beautiful islands, hillside retreats, tropical rainforests and cosmopolitan cities which not only attract travelers but leave them enchanted for their rest of life. Meeting all imagination of travelers, Malaysia travel can be termed exclusive and fascinating.


Accommodation in Malaysia is another added feature which attracts travelers from around the world. Malaysia hotels not only provide excellent facilities but are cheap also. Travelers have plenty of choices in terms of hotels. There are cheap hotels in Malaysia which are highly accommodative for travelers with shoe string budget. Travelers to Malaysia can explore the country with low budget staying in cheap hotels in Malaysia.


Tourist destinations in Malaysia including of Kuala Lumpur, Sarawak, Pahang, Kedah, Perlis, Johor, Pera, Malacca, Sabah, Selangor, Kelantan, Terengganu, Penang, Negeri, Sembilan and many others are extremely popular among travelers to Malaysia. Additionally, travelers from around the world can travel the country in any season as it has excellent weather conditions throughout the year. Not to say about multiple choices of hotels in Malaysia.


Some popular Malaysia hotels including of Tanjung Rhu Resort, Golden Sands Resort, The Frangipani Langkawi Resort, Grand Millennium KL, Impiana KLCC Hotel, Avillion Port Dickson, Merdeka Palace Hotel, Sutera Harbour Resort, Traders Hotel Penang, Hotel Equatorial Melaka and many others known for offering comprehensive range of malaysia accommodation deals facilities in Malaysia.


The capital city Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia has numerous tourist attractions which include KLCC, Chinatown, Putrajaya, Architectural Landmarks, Science & Nature, Theme Parks, Highlands and many others. KLCC is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. The center is popular commercial place with the Petronas Twin Towers, the Suria KLCC Shopping Mall, a park, a 5-star hotel and prime office blocks. Adding value to Malaysian economy the KLCC is a popular hangout place.


Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia and hence carries major all-round responsibility. It is home of parliament of Malaysia and hub of financial, administrative and cultural life of the country. Hotels in Kuala Lumpur are perfectly aware with the reputation of the city and hence trying their best to bowl over the visitors through their exquisite services and standards. Even budget malaysia hotels in Kuala Lumpur may offer packages which include activities like diving, trekking, mountain climbing, bird watching, caving, and so on.


The world's largest cave chamber in Sarawakas Malaysia has always thrilled the visitors with its adventurous tour. Tour to Malaysia's rainforest and bird watching in itself is a very unique experience for the travelers. More than 600 species of birds at one place has become the USP of Malaysian tourism industry. Cameron Highland is also a prominent staggeringly beautiful place in Malaysia. It is primarily known for tea industry. Malacca city is the place where one can explore the historical evidences. It is rich in culture and tradition.

Hotel Equatorial Melaka and many others known for offering comprehensive range of malaysia accommodation deals facilities in Malaysia. Even budget malaysia hotels in Kuala Lumpur may offer packages which include activities like diving, trekking, mountain climbing, bird watching, caving, and so on.

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plush sofas

Chesterfield Sofas -

The New Name of

Comfort and Style

Chesterfield is a brand that came into existence some 200 years ago and since then it has been into existence and has seen the world changing in front of its eyes. The rise and fall has been part and parcel for this company. Chesterfield has various things to offer you. From Suits to Wing chairs and from Club Chairs to Sofa sets. Those who have the correct and up to date knowledge of the sofa sets would know the value and worth of the Chesterfield Sofa. Being a part of the elegant and plush furniture category, it has made a mark in the minds of many. Chesterfield Sofas remind you of the old and classy English furniture which when kept in your house whether in the dining area or the bedroom, gives a unique and a different feel to the entire ambience.


ost of the people love to have Leather Sofas in their houses or offices. But many factors need to be taken care of when buying a leather sofa. The main point being the place where you will place your sofa, the amount of humidity in that place and the temperature factors. These are the most crucial points that should be kept in mind when choosing your leather sofa. The Chesterfield's sofas have various varieties. Some of them are Barrington, Bradman, Fender, Cowdrey, Larwood, Walcott, Hutton, Club chair, Compton, High Bach Chair and Headley. They all come in several designs and shapes.


The concept of modern furniture is undergoing a major change. This form of furniture has been introduced in the second half of the twentieth century. The industrialisation in the furniture industry led to the introduction of varied forms of furniture which were not only cheap but also good. Newer innovative versions of sofa sets started adorning the living room which was referred to as synthetic sofas which were made of leather and rexins.


Modern synthetic furniture comes in varied forms. From bar stools to plush sofas, from recliners, desk chairs to couches, there is a wide variety to choose from. Sky is the limit. The settee which is one form of furniture is being designed in various shapes and sizes and it can be custom made to suit the requirements of the customer. The sofas can be remodelled in such a way that it provides maximum comfort to the person.


The modern leather settees can be easily remodelled into different shapes to give the user the most comfortable experience possible. For a purchaser of modern furniture, say for example synthetic sofas, design is the first thing which comes to his mind. There are a plethora of options available which are exclusive and offbeat. It is important that buyers check out the quality of the fabric used especially when it comes to synthetic leather. There are both treated as well as untreated synthetic leather available. The treated one looks smoother and the untreated one has a rustic and natural look. Depending on your budget, you can go in for synthetic leather which is cheap and best.


Another interesting introduction in the world of furniture is that of corner sofas sydney. They are a perfect complement to your living room. As it is versatile piece of furniture, it can be matched to any other furniture pieces. A vase placed on a coffee table can lend an altogether new look to the living room. The right sofa will lend an altogether new look to the main room. Make sure to place all the things in the right place and ensure that you maintain only one focal point. Never overcrowd your furniture as the room will not look presentable and neat.


Sometimes a beautifully decorated office does more than impressing people, visitors, representatives of rival companies and clients alike. It also boosts the employee morale. Plush sofas, beautifully designed chairs, cupboards, elegant conference rooms, comfortable chairs which are not only great to look at but are also good for the back etc can go a long way in making employees feel good thereby increasing the productivity.


Modern synthetic furniture comes in varied forms. From bar stools to plush sofas, from recliners, desk chairs to couches, there is a wide variety to choose from. Another interesting introduction in the world of furniture is that of corner sofas sydney.

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leather sofas perth

A Modern

Leather Sofa

Welcomes You

To The Future

Leather couches and lounges are common place in lawyer offices and upscale corporate executive suites. But today, leather furnishings are equally suited to home interior designs, especially if brightly coloured leather is used to blend or contrast with the room. Modern leather coverings are also now easy to clean and condition in the home.


Leather furnishings used to be the province of the wealthy and upscale businesses, but with the modern leather coverings used on furniture today these pieces are equally at home in the sitting room. The dark brown and black rich tones of leather project power and authority in any office setting, but these same leather couches can provide a warm, rich feel to a home study or library. So the traditional colourings of leather furniture are well known and still desirable to homeowners and executives alike.


To get a good quality leather sofa, buy from genuine furniture stores. Online furniture stores are a good source for leather sofas perth. Aside from knowing the different leather grains used for making sofas, you also need to check the frame quality, as this is also essential in evaluating its durability.


Choose a leather sofa that is stain resistant especially if it will be used regularly. Most leather sofa manufacturers provide instructions for its maintenance so all you need to do is to follow these to make it lasts longer. leather sofas melbourne come in various designs. Ensure that you choose the design that will fit your living room theme and fixtures.


Does it make a difference:

A modern leather sofa is an excellent choice to decorate any room. They come in a selection of colors and styles, but all are composed of the same material. It is considered to be one of the finest furniture pieces for any room available. Not only is a leather sofa extremely luxurious, but it's also very easy to clean. The leather is naturally resistant to many stainable substances and everything can usually be wiped off with a paper-towel or wipe.


Many people assume that these sofas would cost a huge sum of money because of this higher-standard and in many places that may be true. However, if you look in just the right places you can find a modern leather sofa for a remarkable deal. The key is knowing how to use all the available resources at your disposal. What also goes by unnoticed is that the price may be steep at the beginning for some, but over time their value can increase; especially if the furniture becomes an heirloom.


All budgets accepted:

Having a smaller budget doesn't have to mean you can't have a nice leather sofa to decorate your living room. There are plenty of separate models and designers available for every price range imaginable. Some sofas can be designed as a hybrid with another material. These will be leather around the back and cushions of your couch where the body comes in contact with the couch, but not on the sides and back. Choosing the right contemporary leather sofa might become a more difficult decision after you've fully grasped how many different choices there are out there. Different models will have different flexibility, comfort-level, and may clash with the room's design.


The power of leather:

Leather is a natural skin; this means it's extremely flexible, can be stretched, and will still manage to return to its original shape. It may not seem like a sofa does much stretching, but it does. Each time you move or roll around on the surface you are putting tension on the material. Other substances will rip or tear over time, but with a modern leather sofa this isn't something you'll ever have to worry about.


Online furniture stores are a good source for leather sofas perth. it lasts longer. leather sofas melbourne come in various designs.

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